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I agree with you on this, there were quite a few topics on the forum that asked to make the evil passage more reasonable, and less stupid, to give the player reason to think about joining the cult of the absolute. These are only early access issues, it seems to me.

I even assume that this was done on purpose, in order to study the opinion of the players on how they see the dark side of power and use it in their work. Larian could not say "we are studying the reaction of players to an evil passage, we will persuade them to play for evil" and make all evil choices poorly worked out by chance

They will absolutely have to change quite a lot about that plot because the "dark side" has to be tempting, that's the whole point.
And there has to be a whole lot of tempting in this case because they want you to
side with height challenged little shits to wipe out a refugee camp
which is just a cartoonishly evil act. And
at the victory party after that massacre, one of these little shits hands you the bloody and broken lute of that cute as a button Tiefling bard that is just about the only character in the game so far that hasn't been a total asshole to you, to really drive home the point of how much of a fuck up you are.

There has to be a SHITLOAD of incentive for me to do something like that.

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