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Been vegan for 5 years, due to health problems gone full vegetarian for about 7years (in total I haven't touched meat/fish for about 12 years now) and I really don't care about pixel food. All I care about is that it heals me in game and takes the damned weight off my chars bags, what was it, pork head or chops weight 20kg? Are you kidding me??

So while your idea might be nice, honestly, I would entirely remove food healing us from the game. Sure, for RP reasons or some hardcore realistic mode (I believe POE1 or 2 had modes where you had to eat food or you'd die), food can stay but it shouldn't heal us. Makes clerics pretty much redundant... like hp potions still have some use.

To be fair, anything I can do to relieve the necessity of Clerics healing is great. There's other things I want to do with those spell slots.