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And the proverbial Constitution roll ...

( For those new at D&D : it is a classical for DMs to ask the character(s) to do a Constitution roll to determine how long they can last in sexual activity before falling asleep or other more shallow notions. It is dumb and more common for younger DMs. :P)

Don't forget to roll for disease and for players of female characters to roll for pregnancy.

Gods, there were some terrible terrible GMs back in the day. there probably still are, come to that, but I doubt many descend to the crass and immature level that we saw in the early days. Of course, all this was accompanied by calls of, "why don't we see more girls playing?".

No, to be more accurate it would have been, "why don't we see more chicks playing."

Errr, I dunno about other 'chicks' experiences in the 'early' days of D&D, but I've been exposed to it when I was hella young, and all I could do was watch my cousin and his friends play it, asked them many times if I could join and all I got for an answer was:

1) 'We don't play with girls.'

2) 'It's only boys game, your brain can't comprehend it.'

So all I was doing was watching them play and reading the player handbook and imagining what class/race I'd pick if I was ever allowed to join them (what obviously never happened).

So... yes, you can still wonder why more chicks don't play it. wink
i saw your post and felt real bad - im sorry that you had to deal with that nicottia during your dnd career. the hobby has come a far way since some of those earlier days, but unfortunately there are still some of those dated behaviors/mannerisms present in the community (and society at large unfortunately) which is just sad. i hope that you eventually got to play with a good group - i would say that i was probly fortunate to not come across such dnd players/dms in my own experience (im also a dude so likely couldnt speak as well as you could on the topic), but that type of behavior wouldnt fly at a table i was at and it really doesnt have any place in the community.

i would fall back and say that if it works and everyone is comfortable in your group to roleplay some of those mature elements quoted then all the power to your dm and players, but it is important to set that standard before you start a campaign.

frankly, they missed out playing with you nicottia as every campaign ive played with ladies as part of the party has been better for the experience