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i saw your post and felt real bad - im sorry that you had to deal with that nicottia during your dnd career. the hobby has come a far way since some of those earlier days, but unfortunately there are still some of those dated behaviors/mannerisms present in the community (and society at large unfortunately) which is just sad. i hope that you eventually got to play with a good group - i would say that i was probly fortunate to not come across such dnd players/dms in my own experience (im also a dude so likely couldnt speak as well as you could on the topic), but that type of behavior wouldnt fly at a table i was at and it really doesnt have any place in the community.

i would fall back and say that if it works and everyone is comfortable in your group to roleplay some of those mature elements quoted then all the power to your dm and players, but it is important to set that standard before you start a campaign.

frankly, they missed out playing with you nicottia as every campaign ive played with ladies as part of the party has been better for the experience

Oh, thanks... but I didn't write it for sympathy, when that occurred it was late 90ies/early 2000s, I always justified it by being a different time back then. Also, I did try joining some D&D clubs back at school too, and got denied for the same reason my cousin and his friend group denied me. Not gonna lie, I felt so discouraged I gave up on the idea of playing PnP D&D entirely for a really long time and started playing D&D based video games instead, which back then were also considered a 'boys domain'. wink

I'll tell you a little secret: I've never got to play PnP D&D, never found a big enough group to do it with, so I've been watching a lot of youtube videos of people playing D&D, watched a bunch of twitch streams too. So, I know most of the lore by heart, and I know most of the D&D 5.5e rules.

But I'm sure there are more ladies who've had similar, if not the same, experience as me. Anyway, I don't want to be derailing this topic further.

So let me add something to the topic, which I'm sure has been mentioned a lot of times before: speaking of romance in BG3.... I gotta say, it progresses way too fast. You go from few flirts to:

[Linked Image]

And I've been consistent in saying that there needs to be a bit more dialogue branching out in different directions, cause so far it's just 'one night stand simulator'.