Character creation: more diversity, i.e. heads, head-parts, sliders etc.

Sliders... yes, now please

Turn-based/Real Time with Pause: The Debate.

Why not both options and just label the save file as either Turn-based or realtime and make that clearly indicated in multiplayer lobbies.

  • Non persistent dead bodies, blood, wine, broken wood, ect...So if you end up going back to places you don't have to look at dead bodies everywhere. Add a timer like fire and ash.
    I say broken wood because moving boxes in camp will break them sometimes and there's no way of getting rid of it
  • Options to send tables, bookshelves, furniture, ect to camp.
    Either that or an option given to companions left at camp to change the layout/decorate... or better yet just change the setting of your camp. Cave sorta like the underdark, destroyed house, ancient ruins, forest forest scene. Just, you know... keep the ability to decorate.
    I know not alot of time is spent at camp but hopefully in multiplayer i'll be able to show off my lame decorating skills. grin
  • Stacking books... i like to collect crap to decorate my camp with.
  • The three brains you can collect at the starting mindflayer ship only have 1 dialog use and after that it won't let you say "brains?" anymore...
    Would be cool if they had some other use too, you went through the trouble of hiding them on the ship..
    Same thing with the illithid tablets. Maybe have them unlock a special easter egg or something. like giving them to the mindflayer in the mycelium village and find out more about your tadpole, or something like that.
  • Rings on the ground are too big
    Passive scanning is enough
  • Crystals have too much value.. you could break every crystal in the cave network and empty every store in the game it feels like.
  • Astarion doesn't bite the paralyzed girl, you just end up beating the crap out of her.
    Unless i did it wrong grin
  • Lastly, if you end up killing important quest people, the quest stays active and marked on your map.
    I would like to know i thoroughly screwed up by having it disappear from my map.


  • Ability to save your character, especially if you indend to add face and body morph sliders..
  • Upon release of the full game... If it's not too much to ask for.. a custom map editor and the ability for people to DM their own games... I mean it is a D&D game so why not, plus you would beable to DLC terrain, object, monster packs making loads more money on the game and creating longer replay-ability.

A prime example of a game which has done this is Vampire the Masquerade, where the DM was an invisible floating head that traversed the map spawning objects, monsters and possessing creatures to talk through.