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Picture or the videos it come from always crack me up xD

But yeah that level of campiness is best avoided.

Same, same, that's the main reason I used it. laugh

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I'll tell you a little secret: I've never got to play PnP D&D, never found a big enough group to do it with, so I've been watching a lot of youtube videos of people playing D&D, watched a bunch of twitch streams too. So, I know most of the lore by heart, and I know most of the D&D 5.5e rules.

A bit of a deviation, but I'm sure a group exists in your vicinity that would be happy to let you join, should that be something you want to try. Many/most RPG groups play D&D and there are more RPG groups out there than you might expect. I'd be very surprised if you could track down a group. Tabletop gaming is as much about friendship and socialising as gaming, and it is well worth looking into.

Well, there is one D&D group close by in a video game store nearby, but the problem is, in our current times... you know, with the 'big bad virus' going around, such groups have been closed for the unforeseeable future, so I would have to look for such groups online... and while I might be quite vocal on the forums, irl I'm more on the 'reserved shy' side. wink