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Introduction of professions for (Non-combat) XP please. Even finding alternative ways to handle scenarios through dialogue should grant experience.

Wizards should not learn other class spells.

Select best party member to handle conversations built for them (Proficiency and what not).

More spells.

Dodge Bonus Action.

Otherwise I agree, but I find it curious the see the conversation-suggestion over and over again here. Wouldn't it be weird for you to have a conversation with someone, and when you would wish to threaten the other to get your point across (intimidate) someone else from your party would chip in? I mean, shut up Lae'zel I'm talking here.

It's a party based game and your main character is not supposed to handle all the different skill checks the game has to offer ALL by himself. That's what you have a party for. Every party member with their own strengths and weaknesses, working together to reach a common goal. Therefor, when Lae'zel happens to be the most proficiant member of your party when it comes to intimidating others, she should be the one who makes the roll.
If you don't include your party members in conversations, they are nothing more than some hired swords to get the dirty work done in combat and disarm some traps and unlock chests for you. They would lose a lot of their personality that way.

This feature has already been done in the past on Neverwinter night's 2 in the SoZ expansion, in which in the dialogues based on the statistics bouns of the companions or the dialogue options you could choose which companion to use at the appropriate time, this feature could be interesting to be able to resume it in BG3.

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Dialog window in Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zefirid

As you can see from the image shown, in the center of the dialog box you can choose the party member that you can use at the right time to better overcome the situation that is unfolding, but since in BG3 the dialogues are in the style of Dragon Age: Origins therefore very cinematic, this feature could be a problem to implement it... unless...

[Linked Image]

Party member selection during a dialogue in Baldur's Gate 3

Why not use this button currently in EA to select the party character during a dialogue? at the moment this button evenings to switch from one character to another while you are talking to an NPC this meaningful function in single player but in multiplayer is valid only if you play at least 2 players and control 2 characters at a time, in addition it should only work if all members of the group are participating in the dialogue and are all close, otherwise it would make no sense.