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Not shcoked that AC nerf/HP bloat is the most hated homebrew rule.

The problem is that this directly reflects difficulty. I would say that this is the one area that Larian should ignore the responses, and probably will. In the end it is a video game where players with a wide variety of ability will have to find satisfaction with combat. They are proven to know how to balance combat. This issue is much better addressed with difficulty settings that will appear eventually.

I would beg to differ. They want our input after all so outright ignoring it because they feel they know better kind of goes against the entire reason why they have an EA... Id also say that most of the encounters are far from balanced. Ive seen people complaing about needing to cheese, ive seen people complainng that they want to auto-kill enemies with 2hp and everything in between. Alot of the encounters are so horrid in their execution infact that im wondering why theyre using the DnD franchise at all.

From all the monsters in the Underdark for example the only one whos supposed to have a pouce attack (and a powerfull one at that) is the Bulette. For all the other monster encounters there they pulled these abilities out of their arse and made the encounters a great deal more difficult then they need to be for no particular reason. Mind you, I notice these things because I also DM for groups and have the monster manual and DM manual in my posession. Im not saying that they need to stay to those statlines 100% either but most of the encounters atm are just difficult for the sake of beeing difficult. Which isent fun, rewarding nor necessary. Sometimes you just fight a bunch of generic goblins. No need to have summersaulting Minotaurs who move 200 feet in 1 turn. Who thought that stuff was a good idea?

So I found nothing overly hard in the EA. In fact, I found it appropriately difficult with no need to use barrels. This is not TT, and the game must present a challenge. That is why I say that this is an issue that should be dealt with using difficulty settings.

Difficulty doesn't need to be balanced exclusively with hitpoints though. Other ways to balance goblin that are more appropriate to a small nimble monster.