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1. Somewhat agree. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, scale environmental fx down/make it less prevalent.
2. Absolutely agree. Not only that, being so opposed to missing/high AC that you make decent non-magical armor more rare than powerful magic items is immersion breaking. Give us breastplates etc. before we get (potentially) +10 intelligence items!!!
3. Disagree. Arguably the rest of the game setting is anti-climactic as opposed to starting in hell, but I like the beginning. Combat is easy for the most part with potential to make it hard. Good balance.
4. WotC is a very "progressive company". I believe they have pushed for Larian to tone it down/remove it. Don't want to be non-inclusive to psychopaths now do we? wink
5. I think this is a bit of a false dichotomy. Many are fans of both franchises and I don't think Larian goes out specifically to cater to DOS fans, but they have enjoyed quite a bit of success with their creative gameplay. Larian's tactical approach to combat goes beyond environmental effects and creative tricks though...it is also about verticality, bottlenecks and mobility. This is something I believe the most ardent fans of each franchise will agree makes combat more interesting.

I dont agree. I tried so so much to like DOS, but the AOE surface spamming and whoever can get higher faster combat made me put the the game down. Thats literally the combat in a nutshell. Set everything on fire and climb. Boring. After finishing Solasta EA it has be demonstrated that a computer version of 5E can be implemeted, works and is super fun.