I completed the game once more as a non-Lolth drow, helped a goblin scout escape the tiffling camp. In the first playthrough, I somehow missed this moment.

Minatara opened up from an even more cruel side than before and killed the scout, I liked that.

Goblins do not attack drow - a huge plus for an drow passage. But there is one moment, it is impossible to avoid a battle with them on the way to the Moon Towers, I would be glad not to fight the goblins and not show up in their camp before joining the absolute in the Moon Towers, but the road that I was shown passes by goblins anyway. Not good.

Interestingly, with the evil passage of Minthara, in any case, remains a member of the cult of the absolute, or can we start our own game for power? I have a theory that True Soul's tadpoles completely control them, but something went wrong with our party and they gained strength without external control, and that's why the Absolute wants to get rid of us. Perhaps Minatara does not know at all that she has a tadpole, and we can relieve her of the absolute control by keeping the tadpole like ours. Or rid her of the tadpole too.

I think it will be clear in the Moon Towers when we understand what the Absolute is.

The Mind Flayers have a legend about the "Adversary" - an unusual representative of the race who retained his personality before the transformation and plays his own game. Perhaps Lolth and Shar are also involved.

Most likely he is a strong psionic and a wizard, and in the Moon Towers will appear to us in the form of the Goddess Absolute, most likely in the same form in which he comes to us in dreams. This will be the illusion that we already saw in the first act. Thanks to his illusion, he managed to plant a tadpole on the goblin leaders without them noticing it.

Something went wrong with us, we have a tadpole and his power, but there is no direct control of the Absolute over us, and therefore we can reveal his deception. This is the main reason why he wants to destroy us, even if we are helping the goblins.

This is my guess

Run - 2 hours, third level. Yes, it seemed so much content for 1 passing, but in fact, you can go to Act 2 in 2 hours if you already know where what is, and how to act.
And again I had a bug, I did not take part in the battle, it ended on its own. The tiffling leader was killed immediately when he was knocked out while entering the druid camp, I killed many tieflings while saving the goblin scout, and broke the gate. Perhaps that's why. It's strange that tieflings have 0 reactions to the fact that they broke the door.

Topic for discussion:
Is Mintara chaotic evil or lawful evil? I think the second