Having a number of mouse issues:

1. Mouse bug prevents movement by clicking the environment. Seems to take place after switching characters. Has happened a number of times both near enemies and while exploring. Switching profiles doesn't fix. Reload won't fix. Have to exit game and re-launch to correct issue. Can still switch characters, but cannot target enemies or cast spells.

2. Moving items on the hotbar causes them to disappear. Today I lost Eldritch Blast on a warlock as well as Hex. They were still in my spell-book but I could not set them onto the bar again while in combat. Felt bad. Happens frequently with items. Seems to occur when item is clicked and dragged. Items disappear immediately but remain in inventory.

3. When environment clears to allow camera to focus on group/player, movement clicks often cause character to move towards high points that the camera is no longer displaying. Has caused pulls and some deaths.

Anyone else finding these issues?