I like the height stuff, sorry smile It works both ways and mobs try to gain the high ground as much as you do. They also know (when they can see you) to run for cover. Sometimes it's not that easy to ascend to higher ground depending on your position. I'm not a D&D purist so I don't really care as long as it's a fun mechanic. I actually spend a good bit of time trying to sneak in to the best possible spot to start an attack. If you get rid of this it just becomes a bit more boring; to me at least. Higher ground is also a legitimate combat tactic in order to gain an advantage over your opponent. Not all terrain is created equal and I like that Larian baked this concept in to the game. Any suggestion of 1-time use just makes no sense. What I get 1 strike that takes advantage but standing in the same place my second strike has no effect? That sounds more like a balancing act than something that makes sense in the real world. It makes about as much sense as resting at camp under the moonlight while you are traveling through the underdark laugh