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Minthara's character was sadly shallow. Also her voice acting reminded me too much of the hag, grainy elderly smoker voice.

The sex scene was a mess of polygons with my female drow toon and even if that's fixed, it's not tasteful. It's easier to pull off sensuous without being too elicit. Someone somewhere probably had a nice fap but I try not to s**** where I eat.

Nah, sex scene was fine. When animations are not bugging out. But maybe they could add more depth to her, especially if we see more of her later on, maybe as a companion.

Should a kiss her boots before sex? At least optionally, when she asks the question "what do you want" - there is not enough option to serve and worship her, I'm sure she would have liked this answer. There is a theory that many of those who choose Minthara for romance think about something like this, two answers are too few options. The third is obviously missing

Yes, animation lags, early access issues
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