1) Help action is a revive, really, why, whose idea was this!?
2) I think the party is just too kill-able for a TB game, why not use Dragon Age Origin system?
That is a perfect example of an innovative combat system, revive after battle perfectly fine, with some penalty.
Also with real time with pause you never get, so annoyed, when party dies, with TB you have to redo a boring battle.
3) Party control very bad, very inconvenient, very slow. The game is without any dynamics, they should hide all the inconvenience of pen and paper not show it off.
4) Combat is just slow and boring, miss, miss, hit, miss-miss, kill, revive, kill revive, kill, revive.
5) Luck has just too much role, both in conversations and fights, I would rather go to a casino.
6) Rest system just does not make sense with the combat they have. No perception of time, why not just go to camp after every battle, and the camp is just a "pocket plain". Anyway no-one is becoming Mind Flayer why hurry...
7) Turned based while not in battle, come on that is just the most ridiculous thing I ever seen. I think fallout had it , but it was okay, that was in 1997/1998.

The game has a lot of missed potential and being a Divinity clone with dnd5 system is not the biggest problem.