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This needs to be added to the feedback compendium.

I've been told that it was being added sometime ago.

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Interesting. The community seldom agree on things. But the utterly worthless control scheme seems to be something we all can agree on smile (well, except from the few occasional fanboys in denial)
Surely Larian can't just ignore this topic now. I'm sure they can choose to not change anything, but if so then they at least have to provide some reasoning as to why.

It's fascinating, really.I guess that given how much I fiercely dislike this control scheme this shouldn't surprise me as much, but the thing is that when it comes to a community opinions, they always tend to be split, at least to some minimal extent.
You could probably find even people willing to argue in favor of giving Astarion's the Ronald McDonald outfit as a default, and yet it seems almost impossible to cross someone genuinely willing to praise this system.

The closest you'll get is some wishy-washy guy playing devil's advocate about the fact that MAYBE one day, with a certain amount of convoluted workaround, it COULD not suck this much. Eventually.
Bonus points for the defeatist attitude "It sucks but Larian is never going to change it anyway" or the Captain Concern "B-but it could require a certain amount of work to fix it, does anyone think of the poor devs?"

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN