So far enjoying the early access, but Auntie Ethel quest line for the first time since I started playing - made me feel like I am in a early early access.

Here's my experience with her:

First I met her in the grove, she tricked me into thinking that she is just a nice auntie, that's good, but when I got to the house it quickly escalated into a boss fight, I feel like there could have been more build up and more story to be had before she reveals herself as a hag.

But fine, now I get into this fight, then without any explanation some redcaps (who the hell are they?) appear from the swamp and start attacking me while she disappears into the secret passage, ok, I deal with them, but it still feel a bit lazy, like some cutscenes maybe are missing? The Maryian (or whatever she was called) also is somewhat missing without any explanation after the fight, ok, I proceed into the dungeons.

In the dungeon I forgot about "speak with the dead" ability thus ended up speaking with the door and opening them.

A tough fight with 4 mask bearers, ok, that was fine, but again, I missed that I should wear a mask to see past illusions, now perhaps I was lazy to think for a sec about the loot or maybe I should have spoken with dead before that, but I push on.

There's a lot of traps and pathfinding for my companions is making this harder than it should be, but I understand that its early access and path finding will improve, fine.

Then I somehow end up in a secret room and then teleport to the underdark, where I get owned by some large chicken creatures, I kind a understand that this is not for my level, but since its a completely different dungeon, why should it even be under hag's house? Didnt understand the logic here, reloaded and just went deeper to the hags house.

When I get there, I just see Maryian in the cage, saying not to touch her, no signs of Auntie Hag, I loot everything, free Maryian from the cage, she doesnt speak with me, then spend some time searching for the hag.

As it turns out she is invisible and hiding on the bridge, ok, I kill her, she doesnt fight back since she is bugged and then Maryian says that I ruined everything and thats just it, nothing happens afterwards.

After a while I realize that Maryian quest is still active and I have some kind of a resurrection wand (no explanations provided), ok, I find her at the back of the Hags house (needed to go all the way thru the dungeons again since door was bugged at hags house) and then I resurrected her zombie husband and that was that.

To sum up:

If we ignore the bugs, it feels like this quest line is missing out some cutscenes and story, it has a huge protentional, but in the end just feels rushed and dull, please improve it for the full game.

End of the feedback.