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There is nothing wrong with playing devil’s advocate and trying to see things from the other side to at least try and understand.

Attempting to defend awful design choices without even a decent argument about what could be good about them, just for the sake of "offering an opposing voice", doesn't really do anyone any favor.

I’m not defending anything.
It’s a system that at least on pc doesn’t hold up, I’ve always said as such. However, given I don’t work for Larian and don’t know official reasons, I simply take the stand point of “they must have their reasons, so IF it isn’t going to be scrapped, what else could be done?”

I’ve already given my proper preference, but there’s equally little benefit of filling a thread with “Larian’s current solution sucks EOM.” Over and over.

The point of discussion and debate is to look at small changes through to extreme changes and provide food for thought. There is no one correct answer, even on this topic.

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