Dont know, I think you have to tell him shes a shadow druid. He doesent seem to have caught on. Also a demotion of the kind that he dishes out there is a severe punishment. Banishment or death is probably the only things that are worse in their order.

That said people often confuse druids who roleplay their alignment and neutrality well. They have alot of things that they dont care about and some things they care about to the degree that they would kill people for transgressing on it. I dont think 'druids have to be some form of neutral' is still in the game for PC's but generally thats how they were always portrayed.

And honestly, I think most druids were protrayed very well. Nettie is a good example of good roleplay there. The multiple tests thing is horrid in its execution but she does what a druid would do when put in such a situation. She cant cure you and only Halsin possibly could but as far as she knows he might be dead. If she doesent cure it you will turn into a mindflayer (as per canon knowledge) and be a threat to all she holds dear. In a way shes giving you a mercy kill which is the kindest thing that she can do.

If id have to voice a complaint it would be that to many of the druids inside the grove (where you find her threatening the child) have no issues with it whatsoever. THAT is abit off. Them respecting her rank is 1 thing but seeing no problem with it another.