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When you force urgency people skip everything but the main quest and then kvetch about difficulty and how they have to go level up but can't because their head's going to blow.

I dont want rushed. Tadpoles is for many, we can breathe a bit. I WANT to do those side quests. I want that xp. Sorry you want to finish the main quest in 5 hours.

Urgency based storylines in general are bad and cliche but I doubt Larian can change the entire narrative of Act 1 to accomodate for a more relaxed story.

Strongly disagree. Even if he tadpole is at that moment dormant, we dont know for how long. After the 'dream' sequence everyone under goes first stage of ceromoprhosis so the idea that you can just derp about and not care how long you take is false.

Also a time constraint wouldnt mean 'rush to the end' but rather pick 1 path and stick to it rather then having the entire region open for exploration.