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There are some serious questions that you should be able to ask and when Kahga doesent have an anwser you then should be able to point that out.

The druids not getting involved is fine. Its not their responsibility to fight it after all and a gesture of 'you can stay here for the time beeing. He will feed you. But we wont fight on your behalf' would work alot better.

Disdain for their race is also fine, racism excists in dnd; but not disdain for their lives. Thats not what druids are about.

100% agree on the first and last part there. The druids should not want to actively fight the goblins so that the refugees can go away but they should also definitely not have the amount of disdain for the Tieflings' lives as they do now. I just have to disagree with the racism angle. There is something profoundly ironic about a multiracial druid grove originally led by a saintly gigachad falling into racist xenophobia so hard they forego the excuse that the Tieflings' presence is an affront to Faerûn's nature. Kagha is the worst example of this, she seems perfectly okay with the unnatural mix of her own people (surely that circle has no existed in the form that is is in now for thousands of years?) but as soon as demon people show up she wants to murder their children.

Let us also not forget how absurd it is that despite living conditions for the Tieflings supposedly being perilous, they are hanging out in a massive set of caves that the druids are not longer inhabiting for some reason. If they had just built a city there the druids would have been screwed, right?