Hi there. Sorry for my english.

Can't pick an order to my new miniarmy of fishmen. I can see my avatar near the answer, but nothing more happens. Can't even leave this dialogue.
[Linked Image]

Can't fullfil the Karlah's quest - it doesn't finish after las dialogues. When I speak to her again - she says all the same.

Can't hire Shadowheart in the camp after she came here by herself - she says yes but not join me. But there is no trouble to hire her from the start.

Sometimes one my party members doesn't perform any kinds of attack, when I try to use melee or spell he or she just standing until I click RMB or use another character. This person can only walk - to the end of the fight.

When I'm managing my backpack it scrolls up every time when I put something in it. The inventory (but not the backpack) closes when I read the books. Would be great to keep it open.

I can reach some places with the spell but after that I can't barely walk or jump there (a shore near the Grove for example).

In dialogue after Raphael's visit Astarion talking about himself as a vampiric slave before revealing himself as a vampire.

Some replics in russian has a $$$ symbols at the end. Also a lot of gender mistakes in translate. Some words just no need to be translated, like "Steam" word, but it translated as "пар" in save menu.

Would be nice to see the name of the person you speaking with in dialogue. At least between two persons.

When I refuse to get Gale in my party, he just go into the camp without permission (but it's okay, I like him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
When I get to the end of first act Sven Winke doesn't allow me to go further (but it's okay too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

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