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Literally nothing incentivizes me to do evil things... well besides doing evil just for being evil. If anything I am penalized for going down that path even though I should probably be incentivized more to be evil rather than good.

The evil path should not be the "goblin path" and since they all betray you it is hard to say if it is even in its current state. The Absolute needs more missionaries like Eodwin and his novices.

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It reminds me of those memes making fun of evil D&D gameplays.

DM: "You meet the mayor, he has a quest for you"
Edgy Mc Edgidson: "I kill the mayor and make his family tell me where the gold is."
DM: *sigh "There was no gold and you just ruined this campaign"
Edgy Mc Edgidson: "Eviiiiiiiil!!!!"

Physically cringed when I read this. I want to avoid being cynical but I worry Larian has this kind of player in mind when designing the "evil" choices. The kind that keeps asking if they can stab or rob so and such person when the DM clearly has a plan for them.

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In that regard I guess it captures the spirit of the source material lol

You mean autism?

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