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1. She's a Shadow Druid. She even has Faldorn's writings, a Shadow Druid from BG1, in her chest in the library. Shadow Druids are very much "screw literally all people" militant druids that legitimately will murder entire villages just to preserve what they see as the balance. Slaughtering innocent refugees in order to be able to focus on nature is LITERALLY Faldorn's Shadow Druid sect territory. It's her bread and butter.

2. "Druids can create goodberries with a lvl1 spell so the food situation makes no sense" is poorly thought out criticism. How many spell slots must they expend every day? Why? Spell slots are a resource the druid need to do things like communicate with animals and carry out their duties. Kahga knows this.

I understand what Shadow Druids are supposed to be. What I don't get is how an entire cabal of them managed to infiltrate a circle like the one Kagha is a member of because of a non-conflict with refugees. Do Shadow Druid circles actively look for groves in mild distress (with an absent leader!) to subvert them?

The argument about food is not mine and I honestly am indifferent as to why there would or would not be supply issues with the refugees. The Tieflings brought oxen and other foodstuffs with them so food is probably not even an issue. It is also not why Kagha wants them gone. She is just a racist extremist with shallow motivations. Nobody in their right mind would be okay with ethnic cleansing as a solution to this situation unless all the druids are uncomfortably racist against Tieflings as well, to the point where they even consider their women and children as fair game for murder.

Which then begs the question; why is everyone so okay with being comically racist against goblins? At least they are native to Faerûn, right?

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Omg... I just realized Kagha is a donald trump reference.

She is a standin for any populist politician but only if you want to bring that into the discussion, which is a bad call when there are so many other problems with her character. I just want to address this now so we can avoid having the entire narrative vehicle of BGIII be about racism and refugees.

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