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So if I am good I know that all the tieflings I help will be found in Baldur's Gate so my good actions will have longterm benefit.
Apparently if I help Mol I would also have the new thieves' guild as allies? Just so many characters and potential plotlines for Act 2 and 3 that I anticipate in seeing them resolved in the next acts.

There are evil characters you can become friend with who will show up in Baldur's Gate in the EA. Now that "clueless" goody-two-shoes also become friend with them is their problems. And how is getting a "thieves guild" as allies something a good aligned character would want? Some good aligned quest resolution will also bite you in the ass later. There is 3 quests in the EA where the apparent good action is actually helping evil already.

As for the rest, I'm sensing a pattern. Why are so many people complaining the only "evil path" in the EA is siding with the goblins in an optional quest and then asking for minions for their evil characters as an improvement?

The only none-optional quest in the EA is "removing the tadpole" and the only thing you need to finish the part available in the EA is Haslin's journal or talking to his corpse. You don't need to resolve the goblins vs Grove for that. There is also at least 4 ways to resolve goblins vs Grove that I found so far (one is a bit buggy and could use more option than it does right). I need to check out a 5th today. Only one is considered good...