For good, you have active allies. Evil is missing that completely. Your one potential alliance is completely cut off right after a victory too which sucked all the air out of it for me. I don't care if it's the Absolute cult or not, but give me minions. If you want to make it really interesting, let me replace the Absolute and take over the cult entirely. Kind of like a not sucky Dark Phoenix angle where you go all in on the tadpole link and powers but that means by all rights you're irrevocably linked to it and have to abandon the removal quest. Instead you have to combat it and outwit it for whatever the force is that's arresting the change process.

Another take on evil is that it's no different from a good person. Evil is good in its own eyes. Even when it's undeniably wicked and cruel it's in the service of some goal. Neutral Evil on the axis is hardest to represent. It's the truly sociopathic predator type in which case you need to create a pretense for it to make it work in a game. The scenario I described in the above paragraph might be enough for it, but it might need something extra.