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Literally nothing incentivizes me to do evil things... well besides doing evil just for being evil. If anything I am penalized for going down that path even though I should probably be incentivized more to be evil rather than good.

First of all, your character should not know what benefits will something gives him to side with anyone ... you can just presume. :P
I completely understand the urge of going the most profitable route ... on the other hand, those should not allways be the right attitude. wink

Also ... yes, you may end up with empty hands, and head full of regrets ...
The question is: Is that bad thing? laugh
You could choose different path, but you choosed this one, and you choosed poorly.
For myself on the contrary, once you get screewed with evil, once you get screewed with good options (for example ungreatfull victim in Hag's house).

As for goblins ... you sided with selfish and toxic beings ... and then acting selfish and toxic ... what else you expected? laugh That seem acurate and i honestly like it that way. wink

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So if I am good I know that all the tieflings I help will be found in Baldur's Gate so my good actions will have longterm benefit.
Apparently if I help Mol I would also have the new thieves' guild as allies? Just so many characters and potential plotlines for Act 2 and 3 that I anticipate in seeing them resolved in the next acts.

Well ... those are all just presumption ...
There is also that option that those ungreatfull bastards will act like they dont know you. wink
Or maybe they will know you, will thank you ... and that will be all. Simmilar to Astarion, when he try to drink your blood: "I allready apologized, what more do you want?" Only switch the word apology with thanks.

After all, they do have smith/vendor ... but that bastard dont even give you a small discount after you put your life in danger and wipe out whole camp of goblins, so they have "safer road to Baldur's Gate". -_- They didnt even bother to wait for you with celebration. laugh And parrents of that dead girl are still mad at you, bcs you were the one who told them that someone else did kill their child, even if you tell them sensitively and with compassion.
Zevlor dances for you, and that bard wish to create song about you ... and that is it!
I dont feel much rewarded for being a good guy here either. laugh

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There is also the underdark issue where the refugee fungal king wants me to betray my current employer for "rewards"... buddy I am already getting rewards, why should I clear a WHOLE city of friendlies?

Well ... it also depends on how you seen them ...
This myconid colony may seem like city of friendlies ... but are they?
They seem more like "non-hostile, yet" wich certainly dont make them friends. laugh

They are practicly necromancers, that uses bodies of their enemies as thralls ... they dont have any problem with invading your mind and dig there ... the second you arrive to talk with their leader, he just starts force you to do their revenge attack aggainst Duegars on your own, they dont even help you with that! ... and with first encounter their leader threatened you with death ... and possibly enslavement after. laugh
And dont forget the fact that they will imediatly attack you, if you fail to persuade them about that you are looking for healing, or just adventuring around ... a "friendlies" in mine opinion should at last alow you to leave in peace. laugh

That is something that really leaves bitter taste for myself ...
And i must say i cant blame my character to wish settle the score with those bastards who theat him like this. laugh
Especialy when there is reward. :P
Havent you ever seen any old western movie with bounty hunters? Or Riddick from newer example? "I kill that one for free." That is just clasic line, when someone pisses off such character. laugh

Also leader of those Myconids seem to me more like mafia Don, than some friendly leader ... so my moral compas was twitching even when i helped him. laugh

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There are also many unrelated NPCs that will give me quests and show me interesting interactions that I would probably have to kill too. Why? Why should I do that?

There is allways some reason ... i honestly dont recall single NPC that you are suppose to kill in some situation, and dont have any. :-/
They are not allways cristal clear, and not allways seen at first sight ... but they are there. laugh
If you could give me some examples, i could help you see them. laugh

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It just seems to me the only people that would go down the Evil path are those that are somewhat masochistic and also psychotic. Only the insane would do bad things because it makes them feel good.
Larian needs to incentivize me to be evil.

Yeah, that too. laugh
But good and evil are still just matter of perspective. wink

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Here are some potential ideas.
1) Give me Sazza as a companion... well more like a subservient underling. I am a True Soul afterall.
2) Give me Minthara as a companion, maybe I can bend her to my allegiance rather than the Absolute's down the road.
3) Give me a Goblin Horn to summon a goblin raiding party to aid me in difficult fights.
4) Give me thralls and minions of true soul. Like the two siblings I meet on the road, they could be interesting characters to learn more about. And who knows maybe to torment or reward as I see fit.
5) Give me the option of not killing the refugees and druids in a massive massacre. Weren't there talk of slave traders in Goblin Fortress? Give me choices! Maybe certain characters can be spared and sold, Why should I kill Mol and her buddies when I can just spare them and have them work for me!

Ad 1.) I honestly expected that cage that is in your camp (Halsin stand next to it) was prepared for her, or other prisoners. :-(
Ad 2.) That would be really great ... even better if she will be other class, since i dont need two clerics and i have the feeling that Shadowhearth will have no problem with wiping druid groove (didnt try yet, curently i play evil character).
Ad 3.) No problem from me, great idea.
Ad 4.) They could work as that earlyer mentioned mercenaries, that will be for hire as companions ... good idea aggain.
Ad 5.) I like the idea of slave market ... not quite sure about that "working for me" part, not like its bad idea, i just can imagine how they could work for you. Certainly not as companions, that would be odd. laugh

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There are a lot of options.
Maybe the evil playthrough can impact my camp look as well. It would become more savage looking, maybe I can hire Drow and Ogre merceneries. Have evil pillage and conquest questlines... something!

That seems like a bit overkill, certain impact yes, sure, absolutely ... but that ogres? :-/
Its baldurs gate, not Faerun mafia. wink

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!