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realistically, going real time with pause is likely to cause fairly fundamental code changes and as a result there would be significant development overheards, that's just my opinion as a software developer myself.

I'm an engineer and I could probably do it by myself in 2 weeks tops if I didn't have to focus on anything else. The rest of what you said is a bit of a non argument as the game is being bankrolled by two massive publishers plus early access at full retail price which is, currently, 60m income.

How Larian balances mages
TB combat is so good guys
Soloing the last boss of DivOS2 with the cat in one turn

Please see the rest of his channel and videos where he effortlessly obliterates the combat while discussing why not only is Larians sense of balance completely nonexistent but turn based combat being completely broken in the way it is implemented. I've brought this up before and no one has ever been able to counter the evidence or provide an example of RTwP being this broken or this difficult to balance.

Also people saying turn based is more representative of D&D are ousting themselves as uninformed. The duration of turns and rounds are outlined in the 5e PHB and it is explained, I believe, that it is all just an illusion as in reality multiple things are occurring at the same time despite you experiencing them separately due to the inherent limitations of tabletop and pen and paper. Unlike in video games we don't have a processor that thinks in nanoseconds and can bypass all this clutter, clunk and artificiality instantaneously to give a much more accurate simulation but this was the implementation in older games with the ONLY difference to turn based being that the world does not sit around and wait for you.

Originally Posted by 5e D&D Players Handbook PG 172-173 "The Order of Combat"
The game organizes the chaos of combat into a cycle of rounds and turns. A round represents about 6 seconds in the game world. During a round, each participant in a battle takes a turn.

RTwP is objectively more accurate.

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