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What you are saying here is "the evil path is fine because you are supposed to get screwed over in it", so why would anyone ever take it then? This is like saying getting your brain eaten by the dying mindflayer in the Nautiloid's wreckage is as valid as the entire good path...

What im actualy saying is this:

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First of all, your character should not know what benefits will something gives him to side with anyone ... you can just presume. :P
I completely understand the urge of going the most profitable route ... on the other hand, those should not allways be the right attitude. wink

Also ... yes, you may end up with empty hands, and head full of regrets ...
The question is: Is that bad thing? laugh
You could choose different path, but you choosed this one, and you choosed poorly.
For myself on the contrary, once you get screewed with evil, once you get screewed with good options (for example ungreatfull victim in Hag's house).

As for goblins ... you sided with selfish and toxic beings ... and then acting selfish and toxic ... what else you expected? laugh That seem acurate and i honestly like it that way. wink

You quoted it ... so it would be great if you actualy read it first ...

But lets take it sentence by sentence ok?

First one is that your character DONT KNOW THE OUTCOME of any alliance s/he made.
Wich is something we call cornerstone of this whole predicament. In other words: IMPORTANT, REMEMBER PLEASE. wink
So ... the answer for the question "why would anyone ever do that" in this part is: The vision of power, wealth, influence, etc. (Strike out what does not apply.)
The most important thing you should understand about it, is that your character have no way to know if s/he will or will not be screwed over ... in fact, even you as a player should not know that in your first gameplay. So why did you try it? Was it pure curiosity, or that vision of great reward in the end? And before you will claim that you didnt, or even dont expect reward ... remember what does this whole threat is about. :P wink

Then there is another sencente, where i claim that there is different approach to story, but you choosed this one.
That is actualy not so important right now, just pointing out that your character was not forced to do this ... he probably wants to for some reason ... personaly i presume that The vision of power, wealth, influence, etc. is usualy motivation for usual evil character ... notice the fact that first word in this motivation is vision ... that is very important part! wink

In that same part i point out that there is possibility, that your character will get nothing in the end ...
That is actualy just amplification of allready claimed ... for once: Your character dont know the outcome ... for two: Your character presume big reward ... but as i mentioned, none of it is certain, s/he just expected it.

Next one is description of the race you sided with ... wich should help you understand how slight chances for your expected big rewards you have.
There is not much to add to this ...

And in rest of my post, wich you seem to ignore aswell ... i explained how even "good path" can left you unrewarded. wink

Well ...
When you take it all together you should get this outcome:
Playing evil is (and by mine opinion it should be) something like playing poker, with "all in" ... stakes are high, potential profit is huge, but your chances on it are slight, but potentialy grow in futher perspective ... if you play your cards right. wink
Otherwise you end up empty handed with head full of regrets ... and that is how it should be.

Also for that fabricated example with mind flayer ...
"as valid" is concept i cant work with, since validity is very subjective term, so im affraid i have no idea what do you mean by that. laugh

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!