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My point is that this vision of power is not compelling to the player as they are uniquely aware that the Absolute is an Illithid ploy while none of her forces seem to know about this. Of course the player character has no metagaming analysis of outcomes that have canonically not happened yet, but you know in-universe about the tadpole right from the start. The tadpole is not a gift, it was forced into your brain by a big scary squid monster. Minthara and Gut do not acknowledge this and it seems they were the ones who sent Eodwin out to come kill you. If they are unable to put two and two together to conclude that they too are being duped and the player's companions all can (Lae'Zel immediatly points out that the Absolute is a Gaihkh deception) who in their right mind would go "nay, it is a gift!"?

People makes deals with devils and demons all the time in-setting. How is using the tadpole any different?