That whole part of the game including the sham trial is completely broken nonsensical mess - because someone decided to force a real world situation into a specific DnD lore and setting that does not fit that "problem" at all.
That is why the player never gets numerous common sense dialogue options and why everything, every single thing about this whole sub plot is completely illogical and broken, From the internal DnD setting and lore angle, as well as from the "real world" angle and logic or any common sense consideration. I criticized it heavily in my post about writing that was mostly about the very start of the game, because it deserves harsh criticism.
Everything about it needs to be rewritten. Especially that horribly done sham trial.

First of, Druids and Khaga think the attacks are happening only because of the refugees - but why? It doesnt make any sense they would think so.
Even if they all turned into bigoted racists (ridiculous nonsense by itself) they don't have any info that specific or any reason to think attacks would stop if refugees are gone.

The Goblin, Minthara angle also needs to be expanded upon because what we get is insufficiently limited. She says they are out to kill all heretics, right. But that also includes the Druids and everyone else not in the Cult.
Well then, once we get that info we should be able to use it when talking to Druids - to make them see the attacks are not happening just because of the Tieflings and that they wont stop just because Tieflings have gone.

If Khaga has her own issues those should be motivated by her Shadow druidic ideology. And if we go by that logic, she should be interested in wiping out both the Goblins and the Tieflings, not because she is a bigot and a "racist" but because thats how Shadow Druids think and operate - kill everyone so the Nature is restored. A super duper extreme Greenpeace squad. If anything she should be trying to manipulate everyone into mutually destructive conflict - after which she will do the ritual and seal the grove... And if she is doing that then it needs to be a secret. She is undermining the Druid order from the inside. Secretly. (a secret we could discover and reveal for different purposes to different NPCs, of course)

As it is right now, and i consider this whole plot an unfinished very early EA version, not even revealing she is a Shadow Druid achieves anything. She gets a slap on the wrist and remains in the grove to re-learn the values... which is complete ridiculous nonsense.

Even so, having a new power near the Grove bent on destroying everyone not just because of "religious reasons" but because that new power is trying to expand its territory, power and influence - only its minions dont necessarily understand that (they dont even understand they have Illithid tadpoles implanted) - but the player should be able to figure all that out in a way where it represent a useful info.

So then, Khaga should be trying to get you and the Tieflings, other Druids and the Goblins to kill each other, and she would seek to do the ritual to seal the Grove and take it for herself and her Shadow Druid cabal.
Goblins and the Absolute would be complete enemies to her, worse then some refugees in many ways.

The Absolute would be trying to destroy the Druids and the Shadow Druids in that region, because it wants control. And even if Shadow druids are also evil, the two sides are so opposite to each other no cooperation would be possible.
Except maybe both sides would try to cheat the other and come on top in the end. (perfect opportunity for evil players to juggle with)

Druids should in fact be concerned about the attacks and the Goblins regardless of the refugees, instead of just thinking whoever is the boss thinks - and if they would want refugees gone then it should be for simple but logical reasons, such as not wanting so many people living there and spoiling their groove in the Grove. Building houses, or Silvanus help us, establishing a ghastly town and, gasp, a civilization right there. This could be easily shown by making the Grove looking overcrowded, Tieflings kids running around making mess of things, trampling over flowers, messing up daily rituals and so on. Maybe they would be worried Tieflings would somehow cause the Grove to slide into the Hell, like Ethuriel city did. That would make at least some internal logic sense.
Only they cant just boot them out because that would be murder in the situation.

They cant let them stay, they cant let them go.

So then they would welcome you to solve the issue and find a secure way to the Baldurs gate.

But all that is useless if the devs just want to force a current real word problem into the game in a very superficial and cheap ways.