I don't understand the point of your post Ragnarok.

In my opinion the evil route is bad because its harder and unrewarding.
It does not create fun dilemmas for me.

Its not like I got a really cool sword or some other loot and it apparently belongs to some kid's dead dad.
And then I am faced with the dilemma of giving up the loot for honor or keeping it like a selfish bastard.

That, in my opinion, is what being evil or good is all about.
As for me not knowing if the reward is actually worth it.

Well maybe the first gameplay sure but the second time? And after Act 1 whether I do good or evil I know that evil has little to no reward... so why keep doing it?
Also being evil gives me a worse story. I am not stupid, when I play as good large towns are open to me, I meet new characters, have interesting conversations, go on quests and etc...
And more often than not they tell me "See you at baldur's gate!"

So either I will encounter them on the road to Baldur's gate or I will see them there.
But if I go evil? I destroy any chance of that. Even in the Underdark I lose several plot threads that lead to act two like helping the deep gnomes if I betray the current mushroom king to the exiled one.

It just doesn't make any sense and it is a chore to do.
Especially when the evil road almost always has those NPCs betray me anyway so I end up killing twice as many.