Necromancy of Thay

Had Astarion in my party when finding it and, of course, he wanted it. At some point, I had him try to read it. Passed the first test, but then failed the second one. Instead of concentrating on it, decided to keep moving and come back to it later after his madness wore off (not knowing it was a one-shot thing). Here's where the bug comes in: if I have Astarion try to open it, the narration says the book will not open, but it's a black screen. If I try to open it myself, the narration says the book will not open, at least not for me, and the animation is there, but sticks. Nothing works to exit the 'dialog'.

Not sure if this is intentional, but Whispers of Madness had no out-of-combat effect. (Also yet another status with no icon.)

Lastly, I tried using Guidance cantrip on the original rolls to assist on the check, but it did not show up.

Shiny Chest in Druid Grove
The scroll inside is |Basic Mage Scroll| and does nothing. To say this was a disappointment is an understatement. wink

Spiders in Goblin Area
I feel like it's a problem to default to the 'I want to eat you' dialogue after fighting alongside and healing the spiders enough that they are green.

Reanimated Dead - Glut
Oi, these things. They do not follow, even when there are no barriers/obstacles--or do so at random/when they feel like it. Glut loses the animating spores after reanimating a Myconid. The positions of the bonus actions is off on at least the Bulette and the Hook Horrors, so that they overlap the 'character' avatar in the middle, and therefore become un-clickable. If you have the Bulette as a raised minion and have it burrow, he remains a minion, but will never act or surface again. And let's not forget the stupid crazy attacks that both these things get, but somehow no longer have access to once raised (the Bulett has acid and bite, but they do far, far less damage than what they did to your party).

Other random things:

Potion of Superior Healing - I used the one that looks like a regular potion of healing (I mentioned it in an earlier post), and it functioned just like a regular potion and not what it says it is.

Absolute Power - no icon currently

Rapport Spores - no icon currently

Roasted Dwarf Belly - two of these are inedible (right click -- eat not an option)

Fire Bottle - no icon currently

Spores - anything spore related pretty much doesn't have an icon of its own yet.

Viridian crystal - seems to have two classifications and two listed weights, but they weigh the same, despite one of them saying '0'

Raw steaks - unable to eat these (even as Astarion)

Whole chicken - there is one that looks like a pork shoulder instead.

Water - listed as a drink, but cannot drink any except cup of water.

Guidance Cantrip - this really doesn't function with the RAW the way it is currently used in the game. If I know I'm going to have multiple checks, I should be able to choose when to use the extra d4.

Animal Friendship - casting this should not be considered an attack when it's meant to be friendly and just increase charisma bonuses, if applicable. I don't know about other animals, but it was classified as an attack when cast on Deep Rothé.

Spike the Torturer & Charm - does not do anything to assist with checks.