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That whole part of the game including the sham trial is completely broken nonsensical mess - because someone decided to force a real world situation into a specific DnD lore and setting that does not fit that "problem" at all.
That is why the player never gets numerous common sense dialogue options and why everything, every single thing about this whole sub plot is completely illogical and broken, From the internal DnD setting and lore angle, as well as from the "real world" angle and logic or any common sense consideration. I criticized it heavily in my post about writing that was mostly about the very start of the game, because it deserves harsh criticism.
Everything about it needs to be rewritten. Especially that horribly done sham trial.

What worries me the most is that I keep finding worse tidbits of this real world situation. "Refugees good, xenophobia bad" being the prevailing factor in them. Halsin for example sends for an outsider to become the new first druid in his absence when he joins your camp and delivers a speech about how sometimes foreigners are needed to provide a fresh perspective on things, how you must not close yourself off from the outside world, bla bla bla. It is painful to listen to. Why did they feel the need to put such a message in their fantasy roleplaying game where borders don't even exist?