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But it looks cool and this is not a reality simulator.

Does it though? I can't speak for all weapons since I mainly like to play casters so normally use a staff. But those staffs pretty much always gets animated as either being glued to your back, or even worse, slightly hover an inch away from your clothes. I wouldn't mind a caster having a hovering weapon but can't that hover beside them instead? smile

Now that I think of it, I wouldn't mind casters carrying their weapons a la King Harlequin in 7 deadly sins. Heresy I know. But I want my sorc to travel around with a pillow, ok!

Very good point. It just looks weird. And when a character sits down and half of the staff disappears in the chair or ground, it just looks ridiculous.

What I do not understand is that there already IS a fairly good start of a solution for this in game. When you draw your weapons you are holding the - in this case - a staff, as a person actually would.

Oh, and stuff like this:
[Linked Image]

I think we all agree that this has to go...