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Larian is located in Belgian. I really dont see the comparison to Trump though... maybe if she yelled 'make the grove great again' then sure. But as is shes just xenophobic and rude.

Kagha is a vehicle for any demagogue ever and has nothing to do with Trump. The problem is not that she has disagreeable views but that her character is nonsensical.

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And about borders. They very much excist. Faerun has nations with borders just like the real world. Its one of the more common reason why conflict excists in dnd. What makes people say they dont excist?

The modern phenomenon of borders comes from the idea of nationhood and sovereignty. Faerûn is a medieval fantasy world where there are toll houses and trade routes like in our middle ages, but no legally recognised and rigid borders because of the way vassalage works and how decentralised medieval realms are. I think Larian knows this, because besides the Tieflings everyone is everywhere; there is no Africa analogue where all the black humans come from, no Asia or Europe etc. which is why there is two black humans in the druid grove and thus racism should not exist in the way it does in our world unless you find a reall hamfisted way to force it into your story. Like bringing an entire outside race over from another dimension. 🙄

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either Faerûn is a colourblind wonderland where racial differences are overlooked or races have distinct homelands that they rarely travel away from, which means our party is looked at funny everywhere they go. Come to think of it, this problem is kind of like your average IRL DnD session where everyone is an absurd exotic rare and nothing in your party makes sense. You ignore it because it makes you uncomfortable when you dwell on it too much.