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Oh it’s totally doable, of course it is.
My point I suppose is more that there is a whole list of improvements on top of just the chain vs select argument. Like handling spell casting, chatting, etc... etc...

Once you start, then I think you would end up with an overhaul just for PC, and for the record, I’m all for that. I’m just not sure Larian are.

BG3's a PC only game right now. More importantly, Larian claims BG3 is a AAA game with a AAA budget, and they staffed up to build it. If their tech has been weak for two previous games now, and those projects were too small to afford improving it, now's their chance. If the tiny dev team building Solasta can figure out controls and UI that work way better than BG3's, there's really no excuse for Larian to continue using this awkward, clunky system they've stuck with for over six years now. And there's definitely no excuse for them to hamstring their primary launch platform for the sake of ports that may come later.