Of curse countries in our Medieval times had borders. They were fing kingdoms. Countries had borders since first countries were invented.
They may not have been as precisely defined and marked as modern ones but they sure existed and people sure did get pissed off about them and other dirty foreigners getting into places where they dont belong.

Thats not the problem here. The problem is that the reason why there is animosity towards refugee Tieflings - by Druids is never explained in a way that would make any sense in this setting and its lore. Especially in the situation where a third force is attacking everyone. This is not a case of Earth borders and politics and problems, modern ones or historic ones.

The whole sub plot is based only on vapid extremely superficial generalizations without any background or any specifics, and the same kind of blunt cheap generalizations are used in the trial. The player is never allowed to argue or ask or point out the most obvious issues about the whole deal.

Khaga idea is this: Once the refugees are gone, whichever way - she can cast the big ritual and seal the Grove, mkay?

Well... okay, bu that immediately raises several really obvious questions.

1. If the ritual will protect the grove... why doesnt she just do it and protect everyone?

2. If the refugees are creating any issue why that could not work...like maybe there isnt enough food for everyone, why are we never told anything about it and we cant even ask about it.

3. Obviously - a druid grove should not suffer from any food problems even with refugees around.

4. Why does anyone think that attacks are happening only because of refugees? Is that based on any info at all? Where the F did they get that idea?

5. Wouldn't Druids be extremely miffed about bands of Goblins killing everything and burning and destroying everything they can around them?

6. If Khaga is a Shadow Druid and if that isnt just used to show "she is evil" - then she should consider everyone enemies. Especially the Goblins.

7. If the Grove is sealed from the outside - doesnt that mean all the Druids would be trapped inside and unable to do anything about a Goblin army ravaging the whole area?

8. Do they want to stay sealed inside the Grove... forever?

9. Wouldnt they want to know more about this army thats attacking everyone?

... And on and on and on , these kinds of questions never stop because the whole situation setup is done so badly it cannot exist unless all these considerations are simply removed and not allowed to be considered.

And the trial is even worse. The player never even gets a chance to ask about any of these most basic and obvious considerations.

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