I have a similar issue on my warlock, we just finished the 2nd fight getting into the goblin camp (decided not to talk my way in) and the fight didn't finish. After a bit of trail and error I discovered my character and Lae'zel were partially hostile towards each other. Now any time they get within sight combat starts. If I run them far enough apart combat ends. I have full control over both characters but if they are in melee range they will use an attack of opportunity when one walks away

I had an imp out during the fight
Agent Imp sabotaged the war drum and assassinated one of the lookouts, I'm getting quite fond of Agent Imp
, the imp was also the first to use an opportunity attack. I tried to resummon to see if that fixed things, no joy there and hit another bug. I went from imp to quasit then to a rat. When I went to rat the quasit didn't vanish from my UI but instead stacked with the rat and was shown as dead. Not sure if it's at all related but being hostile with a party member while having had a familiar out does seem to match with this thread.