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A) Perhaps the very first Tutorial message should be "Tutorial messages appear in the top right under the map" and be very difficult to miss. Right now it is pretty easy to miss the tutorial messages, as those are a bit subtle. That's great for replays, it's only not realizing you need to look there the first time through which is a problem.

B) Remove Trap Disarm Kits, and have Thieves Tools be used for trap disarming. However, if you fail to disarm a trap, the Thieves Tools are not consumed like for failed lockpicking, but the trap triggers.

C) Ritual Spellcasting should be added. To reflect the amount of time the actual rules say it takes, it should take 30 seconds to 1 minute of real time to ritually cast a spell. This will give it the appropriate feeling that this is not something you can do quickly.

cómo aplicamos esto en turnos ya que el juego es por turnos por suerte