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A) Perhaps the very first Tutorial message should be "Tutorial messages appear in the top right under the map" and be very difficult to miss. Right now it is pretty easy to miss the tutorial messages, as those are a bit subtle. That's great for replays, it's only not realizing you need to look there the first time through which is a problem.

B) Remove Trap Disarm Kits, and have Thieves Tools be used for trap disarming. However, if you fail to disarm a trap, the Thieves Tools are not consumed like for failed lockpicking, but the trap triggers.

C) Ritual Spellcasting should be added. To reflect the amount of time the actual rules say it takes, it should take 30 seconds to 1 minute of real time to ritually cast a spell. This will give it the appropriate feeling that this is not something you can do quickly.

cómo aplicamos esto en turnos ya que el juego es por turnos por suerte
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Good evening everyone.
I have just finished my first playthrough and I would like to make some suggestions to help make the game better. Hope this is the right place for it.

1. I missed an option to set up game difficulty. Is it available in the EA? If it's not, I hope it will be implemented. At the moment it feels like I'm playing on a hard difficulty, and I just want to enjoy the story.

2. It feels like there is a very big gap in strength+survivability between levels (mostly because of HP). When I am lvl 1 and I meet lvl 3 enemies it is a guaranteed loss.

1. I'm sorry to say this, but I recruited my party members mostly as firepower and not as companions or friends.
All characters (with the exception of Astarion, maybe) are very hostile towards my hero and secretive. It is not cool when nobody wants to tell you about themselves, because they have some dark secrets.
I can't say anything about Wyll yet, as I haven't met him in my first playthrough. However, after certain game event Wyll miraculously appeared in my camp and even commented on how bravely we fought together.

2. It would be nice to know which class our companions are when we recruit them. Of course, it can easily be checked when they are in your party, but if you miss someone during your journey (like I did with Wyll), you will have no idea who/what class he is until you make him a party member.

1. I have played DOS2 and I know that turn-based combat cane take a lot of time, but each fight taking 30-60 minutes is way too much. It may have to do with the game balance or my very bad luck in game.
There are some areas like Goblin Camp with dozens of enemies. If you enter combat with 12+ goblins it takes ages to finish the fight. It is not fun when you attack a goblin in one room and actually pull the whole mob from everywhere around the camp (even behind the doors and walls). Wouldn't it make more sense to limit the number of enemies by room/visibility range?

2. Is my hero/party very weak?
I am trying to pick up and buy the best items from traders, but whenever I go I feel like I am very undergeared and 'underskilled'. Constant misses make the fights event worse. I am spending way too many healing potions and resurrection scrolls.

3. It would be nice to have an option to run away from unwanted fights by moving far enough from enemies.

4. Sometimes it seems that enemies are moving very slowly (visually). Would be nice to speed them up.

5. Please make it possible to target party members and enemies by clicking on their portraits.

I wish my companions could follow me to the areas where they have to jump. Now it takes extra time to manually move each party member across a chasm or up a hill.

How do I resurrect my party members through the hooded skeleton in my camp if I can't travel to camp when even one party member is dead? Maybe I'm not understanding something, but from the dialogue with the skeleton I got the idea that he should be able to do it for coin.

The icons for Invisibility and Illusion spells are very much alike! It's confusing.

Disculpa pregunté pero qué estrategia usaste para demorar tanto en el campamento goblin ? si podes volver con un personaje muerto usando viaje rápido