Hello there.
Encountered this bug and figured I should report it as I've seen something like it a few times but this time is particularly...breaking.

Occasionally, I encounter a bug in which a party member can't be talked to at camp. Usually, I've found beating them to death and then resurrecting them like you're playing a Halo: Combat Evolved Marine remedies this, however this does not seem to be the case with my current encounter of this bug.

Lae'zel, while rather close to her tent, is not stuck in any way. I can shove her around and she's free to walk back, however I simply cannot speak with her at all, no matter how many times I use her face to give the camp a fresh new coat of paint. It does not seem to be resetting her A.I. or anything at all. What's worse is, if I kill her, my revivify scrolls count her as an 'invalid target' and Rob Zombie off by the beach seems to not even acknowledge the dead elephant in the room either.

Hope this helps you guys. Love the game so far.
Make bards soon for me. grin

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