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So, its simple — Goodberry isn’t cutting it with all the mouths they have to feed, and what is left is being stolen by the tieflings (break into that larder shack in the Grove as you arrive). The druids are merely seeking to conserve their way of life, and feel they’re being taken advantage of (which they are) and when their Charismatic leader goes missing and presumed dead, the only person stepping up with -any- direction is Kiddy-killer.

Divide the number of people in the camp by 10. Thats the number of LEVEL ONE spell slots needed to feed everyone. The druids sleep and they get those spell slots back. Goodberry has a sprig of missletoe tied to it for material componnents.

But evem then I find the idea that the druids dont have enough food to go around is laughable at best. Even assuming that they have run out of the material components for the spells, theyre druids. They are in touch with nature and alongside rangers who are in their preffered enviroment would know best how to easily find food in their inmediate enviroment. The 1 line simply doesent work once you put it under any kind of scrutiny.

I think its a missed opportunity as well. You cant aid the druids other then just outright removing the entire goblin camp for them. Why isent it an option to aid the druids with their problems? Find food for them somehow? Maybe they are out of missletoe for the goodberry spell and finding a bunch of that can help them their supposed food problem. Maybe theres a source of food nearby that you can offer to them instead? Maybe you find some sick of weak animals that can be easily hunted and you can point the druids in that direction so that they have enough for the time beeing.

As it stands its just a throw away line that doesent come across as genuine and seems more as an easy excuse to fool anyone who doesent think about it.