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I love DDO though it has been shifting further away from DND. Still a great game in its own right.

BG3 is the first worthy replacement I've seen!

When you say that DDO is shifting away from D&D, do you mean that the 3e ruleset is less relevant, or that DDO themselves have changed the game away from the 3e rules?

Yes, I'm enjoying BG3 as well. D&D is not my first choice for an RPG but I've been playing it for over 40 years and it feels comfortable. I also like Pathfinder:Kingmaker, having been burned in the debacle that was Pathfinder Online and resigning myself to never seeing a proper PF CRPG.

That DDO has moved on from 3e. I'd be happy with a faithful 3e or 5e game, ddo is neither.

I do love some aspects though, like the SLAs for casters which I think predate and maybe inspired at will cantrips in 4e and 5e.