I'm checking out both. Both have their pros/cons. The camera in BG3 is just wonky (finally figured most of it out). Neither one have the "tilt" that I'd like, but oh well. It's been ages since I played BG series, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter, etc.

The characters are hideous in Solasta (my High Elf looks like a hunchback of notre dame).

I like the turn-based combat, but that's me. Playing Dragon Age series, I found myself constantly pausing anyway to switch characters, change tactics, etc.
Neverwinter (MMPORPG) is OK with live action but you only have one character.

Not quite liking the 4 character limitation of both, but DA series does the same. With D&D I'm finding that without multi-classing you need more than 4. thief/rogue is required, IMO, along with "fighter", healer (cleric) and magic user. But that's the very basic. I'll live/survive though.

Haven't gotten nearly as far in Solasta vs. BG3 though, but only recently downloaded Solasta like 3 days ago.