The loading times are really bad around the burning mansion at Waukeen's Rest. Likely due to the high amount of fire particle effects. Graphics and objects also took a while to load in afterwards. I also got stuck in turn-based mode which may be related to the lag.

If you pick up a water barrel and drop it on fire, so it breaks immediately it will look as though the barrel is still there, yet it is uninteractable

In the quest Resuce the trapped man, I did not have to help Benryn. I entered his room and he ran right out of the room and out the main entrance before I could get to him. The beam he was trapped under may have been destroyed by fire damage.

In Rescue the trapped man when you speak to Benryn after finding the dowry it gave me two identical dialogue options saying "That dowry? I'm keeping it."

I don't know if this is the same for all items that you can't wear. But on the dead Flaming Fist Mercenaries by the Githyanki patrol, I could not pick it up if with a character that doesn't have the proficiency. Yet I can press 'equip' which picks it up instead

After avoiding the fight with the Githyanki patrol through the Mouth a silent command to Lae'zel:'play along', the quest does not update and Lae'zel says "Search the bodies. We might find a way to the crèche." as if I had thought them

When loading one specific save I was stuck in the dialogue UI despite not being in dialogue, preventing me from doing anything. I saved right before triggering the cutscene with the Githyanki patrol, which is likely what caused this. I was also in dialogue right before saving.