Previous findings:

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- After pickpocketing the antidote from Nettie a cutscene plays where she acts like I convinced her to give it to me in spite of having already failed those persuasion checks.
- Instead of speaking to "Ornate Mirror" to get access to the Necromancer's book (Search the Cellar Quest) you can simply walk through the mirror.
- When in combat you can run into a room and close the door, enemies will attack the door instead of simply opening it. Similarly if you put a chest or other obstacle in the doorway, enemies will not climb over or move the object.
- You can repeatedly pickpocket npc's, even if you fail pickpocket rolls, and npc's will not react to your theft.
- You can steal a merchants entire stock and sell it back to them, and they do not notice that they are buying back their own items. (They should notice right...?)
- Guidance spell doesn't seem to work. I don't see any bonus in dialogue rolls or any option to apply the bonus to that particular ability check. *This seems to be fixed
- Not sure if this is a bug, but I killed ALL THE GOBLINS in the goblin camp, killed the Drow, killed that war chief guy, killed the spiders, killed basically everything... Then came back to tell Halsin that he's good to go, watched him turn into a mouse in the middle of a puddle of fire and immediately die. Also we need a facepalm emoji for situations like this...

Wanted to add some additional findings:

- After killing Auntie Ethel a non hostile version of her spawns back at her cauldron:
[Linked Image]
- There's a typo with html showing in the Druid Tenant's book:
[Linked Image]
- Dream sequences don't play if you don't use Ithillid powers. Probably not a bug, but easy to miss if you're playing a good cleric who doesn't want to use corrupt mindflayer powers. For most of the playable EA portion of the game I didn't realize I was missing these scenes.
- Noticed you can barter in the middle of dialogue with soon to be hostile enemies. I found some druegar in the underdark who I was able to buy all their scrolls/bombs prior to the fight, and they were then unable to use these items against me. Same with Sword of Justice, I bought the sword from him, killed him, then looted my money from his corpse. Similarly, I bought the boots off the deep gnome escaped slave, and my quest book said I got them off her corpse, but in reality she's still alive and happy.
- Maybe not a bug but I was able to cure the deep gnomes poisoning with restoration before finding the antidote. This was after I died after throwing an antidote at her since I couldn't think of a way to get her to drink it and there was no dialogue option... Also, overreaction much? I threw an antidote not a bomb, and the whole place aggroed me...
- By chance I picked Gale up the night before the party, and immediately he spilled the beans about his condition. In following days he acted like I didn't know his secret.