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I've actually created my own topic about this, not knowing there was a thread already dedicated to all sorts of feedback, but here's my cup of tea https://forums.larian.com//ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=717362&#Post717362

Greetings BG3 enthusiasts,

I've played through this incredibly addictive, early access version and have created a list of feedback on things I would think be useful to see changed. Yet, I would love to read your opinion about these changes I am suggesting. Also, if I somehow come across like an insufferable know it all, please take a step back and breathe, as I've tried to do the same thing. I am just very passionate about games like this and I'm 1000% positive, this could be a game of the decade contender; especially with Covid-19 going on, with no vision of when it all will end, I don't mind spending a few years of my life playing a ridiculously well developed game.


First things first, please add an ironman mode. No save-scumming possible. All decisions, losses are final. This will be especially interesting when playing with friends to experience their reactions.


Speaking of reactions, when walking around with a full party and speaking to an NPC, I would like to see that whoever has the highest ability score, will take the lead in the conversation with regards to a certain question. If I choose to go with an intimidation-oriented option, I want the character with the highest score in intimidation to, from that point on, carry the conversation.

I would also like to hear every line the player chooses to have voice acting done for the sake of immersion. This will be especially cool, when playing with friends on top of streaming on Twitch, so that both players and friends can add their opinion on which dialogue option to choose and the option that ends up being picked, should instantly trigger the character with the highest score for that option, to take over the conversation.

Adding to the party and online Twitch viewer percentage choice. I would like to see an option in the menu's to make the highest percentage automatically pick that choice, without the player “leading” the conversation still having the chance to pick his own preference, regardless of percentage. This is to prevent players from doing so and make the others their opinions more meaningful.

Abilities such as Friends, Charm, Thaumaturgy or Detect Thoughts, should have the option of being cast while in conversation.

I have noticed that following characters do not look at the NPC you are talking to. This often makes for weird visual situations where the other following characters stare aimlessly, soullessly into an unseen void of sorts. Would be better if they all focused their gaze on the NPC you are in conversation with.


Please make spells in the spell book have a logical order or have the player decide in what order to place the spells. I would personally love to be able to place them in a couple of logical orders. First ordering the spells by level, which is how it is done right now, so that is great. However, then I would like to see spells alphabetically ordered by school.

As for the ability bar in the game, it would probably be preferable if next level spells were added to a dropdown menu of sorts, which opens when right-clicking on a spell that has multiple levels; something like with the Hex spell, but maybe give it a bit more of a slicker visual design.

I would like to see unique action bars for items, cantrips, and spells so it’s easier to differentiate between then

Allow me to cast spells on party members by clicking on their profile picture in the lower left part of the screen.

As for the inventory system, it seems a very tedious mechanic to send every individual item to my camp. I would like to see an option to select multiple items at once and then send it to the camp, assuming you are going to keep this “send to camp” option, instead of doing something more in line with immersion, which I suggested above. Maybe make it a "reserve for caravan" option or whatever.


I feel that being able to take large unbelievable amounts of items, without even wearing some form of backpack, breaks the immersion of this beautiful world you created. I would suggest that without wearing any form of backpack, you should have an extremely limited option of storing small items such as potions, necklaces, rings etc. Just looking at the visual representation of a leather armour or scale mail etc. does not give me the impression of storage options at all, so I might even go so far as to suggest that without wearing a backpack, which should have a special slot in the equipment tab, you simply can’t bring any items at all.

As for what items you can take with you, when wearing a backpack of sorts, but not breaking immersion. Well, I’ve already found that I can take ridiculous amount of weapons and armours with me, so either you might want to consider giving everybody a magical pocket to a storage dimension, and explain why the characters have this, or just limit what type of items can be picked up. Weapons and armours can not be stored in the backpack, but only be equipped right away from where you pick up this item. Only small items such as trinkets, belts, potions, gold etc. can be looted and stored in the backpack and I would even go so far to make a visual representation of the backpack, much like the storage of Resident Evil 2, where each items has an amount of square’s it uses up of the room inside the case.

While we're about weapons and immersion, please for the love of whatever god you worship, can you create sheaths for these weapons on their armour? Seeing weapons floating on the back of each character downright breaks the immersion and it would be such a simple task to remove this situation. Each weapon automatically comes with its own sheath for each armour piece. Yeah it is a bit of work, but the devil is in the details. Why does the shield not show up on your back, but your weapon does? Why is my ranged weapon not visible when I am using my melee weapon? Why would somebody put a burning torch on their back? Why would somebody put a weapon, that has been dipped into fire on their back? Why would I dip my bow into the fire, rather than the actual arrow? Small things like these could be corrected with some smart programming.

Helmets, it would be great if we could “hide” them. I just prefer looking at the faces a bit more. I also feel that characters with long hair, should have this still coming out beneath the helmet. Or when they have like a ponytail, maybe have it come out of the back of the helmet, assuming they purposefully drilled a hole into the back just for this purpose, much like the Tieflings have holes in their armour or clothing to fit their tails and horns.

All right, back to taking items with you, so how to make money then? Well, you can either up the rewards the players get from completing quests in general, which is probably the easier option, or you insert making deals with blacksmiths to help them gather the weapons and armour, through usage of a guarded caravan ride to the area which has the loot in question. You might even want to add random attacks to make the caravan trips more interesting.

Can you please make the Mage Armor ability look better? At this point I refrain from using the ability, because it just gives the mage an orange glow. I would prefer something along the lines of it being an armour of glowing arcane runes and lines spreading over the caster and then turning invisible after being cast. When the character is hit, a flash of arcane energy bursts out from that point, illuminating the armour and making it visible for a moment.

Same goes for the Light ability, which turns a weapon into a bright piece of equipment. I would rather see something more subtle. At this point I prefer using Dancing Lights, because of this lack of subtlety. Tone down the brightness of the Light ability on the weapon but maintain the increased lighting because of it.


That brings me to the next point, currently I can just sell whatever I want, to whomever I want. I do not see any logic in why a blacksmith would be interested in scrolls or random meaningless items. Hell, I even brought dismembered body parts with me and sold it to the blacksmith, without even so much as making a comment. I think there should be different type of vendors that take different types of items of your hands, much like the inventory menu has multiple tabs of types of inventory, so too should there be the different types of vendors for each item type.

Using the Hide action should cause suspicion with NPC’s when you do it too often. It should, at the very least, negatively influence their “Attitude” towards that specific character. When “Attitude” has reached a certain level, NPC’s should become hostile instantly, with consequences like jail, fine, or a fight. NPC’s should not become hostile with other party members unless they join the fight or have an equally low “Attitude” score. This is going to be loads of fun, when playing with friends and one of them is a Rogue.


About the camp, I feel that being able to go to camp, whenever, from wherever you want, really lowers the immersion and tensity as well. Knowing that I can just magically teleport back to camp, after every battle makes it too easy. I think the camp, should be part of the map, a point to which you can just travel by foot, as well as by teleportation. And on top of that, I think that it would be more immersive that we would bring sleeping gear with us, in the backpacks we already are carrying, so that we can setup camp anywhere, in the location itself, maybe even when there are monsters around, but with the chance that they might stumble across our camp and kill us in our sleep.

So, what to do about going to camp and link it to something that is more immersive? I would start with adding a day and night cycle to the game. When planning to sneak a lot, it makes little sense to have the party go about in bright daylight. Also, I want to get a reasonable immersive feel for when party members are getting tired. Right now, they tend to say they want to go to camp after almost every fight. Fights are over in a matter of minutes and I cannot believe that their stamina is so poor, they would want to go to camp and sleep so often. If the battles, although minutes for us, would be something akin to an hour for them and have this be corroborated by a day and night cycle, things would start to feel more immersive. Certain enemies would be sleeping during the day, while alert at night. Certain enemies might even be drunk at a specific time of the day. Outposts might have different enemies at specific times of the day.

Player characters mentioning they are tired is fine but ignoring this should come at a cost. Their chances of hitting should gradually lower, their chances of being hit getting higher, the longer you ignore their plee to go to camp.

Short rests should be infinite, however it should, just like going to camp, come with a catch. Take Darkest Dungeon for instance, you can take a break sure, but you also need them to have food and in case of this game, also water, otherwise they will not heal up. I think that is a logical way of regaining HP points as well as short rest-oriented actions. I would even go so far as to state that if they rest, without food and water, they will only regain 1 spell option, rather than the full 4, in case of a Cleric, Sorcerer etc. Taking such a rest, or a rest at camp, should also progress time with "x" number of hours.

Also being able to teleport from anywhere on the map to a waypoint, makes little sense. I would like to see teleportation only be able when your party is next to a waypoint and place a waypoint symbol inside the main camp as well.


In combat I have noticed that I can end a turn, without each individual party member being “done”. It would be great if you get a message that not every party member has used up all their moves, actions and bonus actions and ask if we want to continue with ending the turn.

As for ending my turn having used up all potential moves, actions, and bonus actions, I would like to see the option to defend as a bonus action. I have experienced numerous amounts of times that I just wasted a bonus action point, because there was nothing else, I could be doing at that moment. It would be equally nice to see the enemies make use of this mechanic as well.

Unless this is a part of the D&D rule system, can you please make specific abilities like Blade Ward or True Strike a Bonus Action, so that you can still actually do something else. I often do not use these abilities at all, because they cost an action, rather than a bonus action.

Is it possible for you to add some more cool “death blows”? The game is bloody and even gory already, so seeing enemies get decapitated or dismembered by a rather ruthless “death blow” would make sense and add to the immersion. As a point of reference, I would suggest to maybe look at the many cool death animations Dawn of War 2 has to offer. These deathblows could be tied to critical hits that result in a kill, so that they will not become boring due to being overused. Each weapon and weapon combo, even a shield finisher, should have at least 1 or preferably 2 finisher moves tied to a critical hit.

When not in combat and trying to jump to a certain location, it would be useful if the other party members, would not obstruct the area to which a character is jumping, unless they are in combat. But when not in combat, they should just automatically move aside.

Please give proper weapon description explaining us when to use bludgeon, slashing or piercing weapons. Not every enemy examination shows what they are vulnerable or resistant to.


Why is Wyll armed with a one-handed longsword in the loading screens, but doesn’t even have the required proficiency to carry such a weapon into battle? Please give him this proficiency from the start because there would otherwise be not a single reason for a Warlock player to invest a feat into having him walk around with a one-handed longsword. Why does Wyll even start with a rapier, a martial weapon, even though he does not have a martial weapon proficiency?

Why is Lae'zel shown with a scimitar, while she does not even have a proficiency with this weapon? Yes, she has a general martial weapons proficiency, but not a specific one like with the greatsword. Under what circumstances would somebody choose a 1D6 weapon over a massive damage dealing 2handed weapon?

Why is Astarion shown with a Rapier, while it would be more logical from a damage perspective to outfit him according to the traditional dual-wielding route? Maybe at least give him an equally elegant looking rapier-like dagger or short sword that matches the look or make the hand-crossbow usable from his free left hand, as a bonus action.

These 3 examples here above, I am fine with, but it feels like these choices need to be more balanced so that that every option is equally useful. I think it would be great to have a Warlock running around with a 1handed longsword, but right now, it seems illogical. Same goes for Lae'zel or Astarion. The weapons they are depicted with, are not their starting weapons, nor are they weapons that somebody would go out of their way to stick with, unless you make it much more appealing to do so.


We should start naked in the pods. I can think of no reason, why the Mindflayers wouldn't strip of us our gear before throwing us into these pods.

Not entirely unimportant, but can you please allow us to field a group of 5 or maybe even 6 characters rather than 4? You have these 5 great characters I would all like to experience in a single playthrough. I am already certain I will replay the game numerous amounts of times, but that would be with friends, with our own character creations. For a single, personal playthrough, I just want to experience the entire group, rather than being forced to leave 1 out each time I go on an adventure. I am currently using a mod, that allows me to do so. Even the system seems to support, playing with all 6 characters in a party. There would just need to be a slight bit more enemies, to compensate for the extra party members.

Well, that's it for now. I hope Larian Studio can make use of these suggestions to help create the best possible BG3 version conceivable. And still, looking forward to whatever opinions might come on this thread.

High regards,

OMG +1000000 on everything mate, great job!
I only have to disagree with the last two points:
1) When Mind Flayer abduct their victims their are teleported directly to the pods with all their equipment (see the intro video) ;
2) I honestly think a 4-characters party is the ideal size for how the game is settled. Sure, I'd love to bring all my companions with me but unless Larian finds a way to make enemies turns more fast, more characters means more enemies to fight and much longer battles.