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I wish there was an option to remind Kahga of the tenants of their order - there is a book in the room behind her that is basically "3 easy steps to being a good druid" and one is to help those in need. Reading that should give additional dialogue options to both main druids in the sanctum. Maybe it can be used to out Kahga as a dark druid or it can be used to convince Rath that she is in the wrong and we'd help him take over. For being an evil person though, she is a little too one dimensional evil.

There is. In the initial trial scene, there's an option to debate her on the teachings of silvanus. It may be related to religion, elf, or ranger option, I cant recall which. But either way it seemed to lower the DC to get the tiefling kid free, and sets the groundwork for getting her to turn against the dark druids and assist you in killing them later. She then ends the ritual and submits to Halsin's judgment.

I personally like that its a little hard to get the kid out alive. It sets up a neat payoff where the mom poisons Khaga in the celebration or motivates you to hate her. I guess people are just used to their PC having mind control powers in tabletop. "Sure, I'm an evil druid and this brat stole our sacred artifact, but you DID ask nicely for her to be released and you do have a PC flag over your head, so one roll of 5+ is all it takes for me to go against my core character trait!".