Overall I'm very pleased with the 5th edition translation, however I have a few improvements
1) melee cantrips are a must for Warlocks
2) Less long rests and more short rests to improve the challenge and again validate Warlocks/Fighter class specific skills
3) While I appreciate the role-play aspect, I had 2 "good" playthru where I never used the tadpole and therefore lost all the dream sequences and tadpole skill. For balance sake, can there be a way to equalize this dichotomy
4) After a month I think its time to allow multiclassing.

Just a bit about me, I've played CRPGs since the inception of the PC. Wizardry 1. Before that I started DnD with the 1st edition and played untol 3rd edition. Adulthood and Parenthood reduced my TTRPG time, but I've always been following the evolution from the three pamphlets and Dragon Magazine original rules. I like 5e, and look forward to Larian's further iteration. Having retired I look forward to helping with game development in my own little way. I plan to be engaged here.

As Sven said. build the systems right.

Feedback on the Origin characters? no issues with the RP. I like edgy. Perhaps give a two class choice for respecc to maintain character design and dialog while improving party flexibility

just my thoughts. Keep up the iteration