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I played evil (female Drow from the Lolth culture), but not insane. So all-in-all, there is not much I would do differently from my future combative good character.

EDIT : this may come as a surprise, but I am not criticizing. Just the rationale of my somewhat evil, but not stupid, Drow. I do not mind how it is.

Pretty much how i felt playing the same type of character. As an evil I wouldn't kill the devils because I may still have a use for them as they are weak and easily manipulated, just the threat of violence basically bends them to your will. Goblins are beneath trash and deserve to be killed when not actively giving me something I need. They know it as well .. this is why they grovel when they talk to you.

As an evil character the quest for my own power and objectives comes above all else, I be damned if im going to bow down to a made up god. The drow you meet needs to die because she is weak and a traitor to Lolth. After finding out if the druid Halsin can help or not he can die as well heh.. Hell he shouldnt even want to talk to a drow and really shouldnt be an option. As for the other druid heh soon as she barks orders she had to go.. " I don't work for you lady "

I love that I can just murder anyone who I feel wrongs my character and look forward to more writing to reflect choices. I enjoy the evil option as I start that way but it really takes effort to not accidentally turn into the hero. Being good is easy.

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